Legend’s Fight Night

Come see some amazing fights with real boxing action - a first for Utah! Watch as these warriors compete in exciting matches of skill and will. Who will be victorious? The Details: Legend's fight night [...]

How Boxing Has Evolved

Boxing has been around since as early as the ancient Greek Olympics in 688 BC. While its form and rules are much different today, it is not without this initial system that has allowed boxing [...]

Don’t Plan To Win The Fight

As with any sport, you win some, and you lose some. It all comes with the competitive territory. But too many people plan only on the outcome and forget to expect the unexpected. Sugar Ray [...]

The Right Gear

Very few races and goals were ever won without the right gear. That’s why having proper equipment and gear is essential to any type of training, and that includes boxing. Here are a few things [...]

Making Fitness A Priority

The start of the year has many people considering their goals. Improving fitness is a common goal most people agree on, but how can you incorporate that into your lifestyle? You have to make it [...]

Workout Recovery Tips

Nothing can be more detrimental than a bad recovery when you're working out. It's essential to have a good game plan to recover and keep you on track, whether you're working out to lose weight [...]

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