5 Ways To Improve Strength

Not all of us are athletes. Would we like to be, sure? Could we, maybe. But there is nothing stopping any of us from starting the path to better fitness. Strength is one of the [...]

Why Boxing?

If you live in the Utah area, chances are you have been exposed or introduced to many different types of sports and workouts. Salt Lake City is renowned for its outdoor sports, so with all [...]

Legend is in the Name

Legends Boxing is a state-of-the-art boxing gym and training facility in Utah County. You can get into fighting form with our high-energy training programs and boxing classes or simply join us for a fit and [...]

What Makes A Pro?

There are regular requirements to becoming a professional boxer; being trained, scouted, getting licensed, and winning fights, but what really makes a pro? For a lot of us, the time it takes to even get [...]

Preparing For Your First Fight

You’ve done it. You’ve decided to do your first real fight. The judges, the watchers, everything. Good for you! But where on earth do you start? It may seem obvious that training is going to [...]

Boxing as an Olympic Sport

Did you know that boxing is an official Olympic sport? According to history, boxing has been an Olympic sport since 7th century BC and was one of the first to be included when the Olympics [...]

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