We get asked how safe fitness boxing is on a regular basis. Many people want to start but are afraid of getting hurt. We’re here to tell you that despite previous misconceptions, fitness boxing is as safe, if not safer than other fitness sports.

If you’ve ever wanted to start fitness boxing but were concerned about the safety of it all, you’re not alone.  Here at Legends Boxing, safe fitness is our #1 priority. And, while injuries can happen during any exercise, we take extra precautions to make sure each and every person remains safe and comfortable.

Fitness Boxing Is Safe

Though each program differs, fitness boxing is safer than traditional boxing because there is generally no sparring involved. Instead, members do the strength and cardio routines of boxers including bag workouts and core training. Most people are concerned about getting “beat up” or hit, fortunately, fitness boxing incorporates the entire body workout of a boxer without the actual boxing event.

All Body

However, as with any intense workout, there is a possibility for injury. To avoid this, be sure to start in a beginner class and know your limits. There is no shame in adjusting an exercise to remain safe. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed, simply take a break. Each day you work on it is a day closer to being able to exercise without any restraints. Proper equipment and clothes are also key to avoiding injury.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still unsure about fitness boxing as your new exercise regimen, come in and take a tour. You may even be able to watch a class. We want you to feel safe so come on by and see for yourself it this is the right option to get you on track to your fitness goals.