7 Basic Beginner Training Tips for improving your boxing

7 Basic Beginner Training Tips

If you’ve just started training for boxing and learning your first techniques, chances are, you may be overlooking some basic tips that can save some wear and tear on your body.

1.      Don’t Overtrain

It’s tempting to push your body to failure when just starting out. Your adrenaline is pumping and it’s a new adventure. But take our word on this one – start slow and push yourself a little more each day. Even if you’re used to cardio and pumping iron, this will be a different kind of stress that your body will have to get used to in order to avoid injury.

2.      Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of water – more than you’re used to. Your body will become dehydrated much faster than you realize if you’re not taking precautions. Take a break every 30-45 minutes to take a few sips from your water bottle.

3.      Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for tips and advice from more seasoned fighters. As long as you stay humble, other boxers will be happy to help. Asking someone else to point out your weaknesses early on will help you to correct yourself before forming bad habits.

4.      Breathe

Stay calm and focus on breathing, especially when working the bags. This will be a skill you will need in the ring.

5.      Practice Your Footwork

Don’t forget your feet when working the bag or developing your techniques. A punch is no good if you haven’t developed a solid stance.

6.      Exercise Outside the Boxing Gym

Boxing is a great workout, but it’s not the only workout you need. Try fitting in some running or jogging on your off training days to build up cardiovascular endurance.

7.      Check Your Diet

Nutrition is extremely important for boxers. Make sure you’re consuming plenty of quality calories to keep your energy levels up and your mind clear.

Wrapping it Up

Great athletes know the importance of proper training and preparation. You may be anxious to get in the ring and feed your aggression, but if you throw yourself in too soon, you risk injury and disappointment.

Take your time and build your skills. Consult a good trainer, and be consistent. Your efforts will pay off in ways you never imagined!




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