Did you know that boxing is an official Olympic sport

Boxing as an Olympic Sport

Did you know that boxing is an official Olympic sport? According to history, boxing has been an Olympic sport since 7th century BC and was one of the first to be included when the Olympics were established.

Boxing has always been a fantastic blend of exercise, outlet, and sport. The fitness benefits boxing offers are almost unrivaled in any other popular sport. However, Olympic boxing is a little different than fitness boxing.

For starters, women are now allowed to participate in boxing – as of the 2012 London Olympics. Initially, they were not involved in its original appearance. The addition of various protective gear, scoring methods, and weight classes have also changed throughout the years. For example, in current boxing, weight classes for men are anywhere between 46 and 91 KG. While for women, vary from 48 to 75 KG. At the sport’s beginning, there was no such thing as weight class, making fighting disparity a large issue.

Another cool fact, USA continues to dominate in its medal grab, being the country with the most medals since boxing’s regular appearance in 1904 (as it was previously and briefly not considered an Olympic sport after the decline in Rome.) The sport, as well as its following in the Olympics, continues to grow as each event passes.

All boxing events are currently going on in the Rio 2016 Olympics if you’d like to learn more, or see more, about this famous sport.

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