Boxing Fitness Do You Actually Need To Box to get fit

Boxing Benefits

Boxing Fitness In Lehi, Utah 

Boxing training at gyms like Lehi’s own Legends Boxing provides one of the best full body workouts which your body can benefit from. Dread cardio? Boxing fitness gets your heart pumping, gets calories burning and no matter what your age or present fitness level, is an excellent way to improve core strength and balance.

Boxing Fitness: Do You Actually Need To Box?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that it is possible to train like a professional boxer without actually having to compete in the ring with anyone. In fact, just like where professional boxers benefit from better athletic prowess, better strength, speed, agility, hand to eye coordination and endurance, you can experience all the same benefits without ever having to take a single punch.

Boxing For Better Self Confidence

However, boxing fitness isn’t just about getting in shape. Boxing is a great way to also better your overall self-confidence. Achieving better boxing fitness through one of Legends Boxing’s boxing based fitness classes, people often find themselves not only much less stressed and more physically energized, but much more self-confident.

Boxing Fitness Benefits

Proven boxing fitness benefits include but are no means limited to:

  •  Better Cardiovascular Health – Punching, moving and jumping your way to a moderately increased heart rate is a much more natural and healthy way to better your overall cardiovascular health than taxing yourself artificially through many standard gym exercises.
  • Better Total Body Strength – Boxing fitness involves a coordinated and often simultaneous upper and lower body workout. This results in better total body strength and better overall body composition.
  • Decreases Stress – As well as the cathartic release many people get by taking out their frustrations on a boxing gym punch-bag, boxing fitness is proven to boost mood, better people’s natural sleep patterns and decrease overall stress levels.

How To Get Your Way To Better Boxing Fitness

Legends Boxing is the nation’s premier boxing training facility for both budding boxing professionals and non-competitive fitness enthusiasts alike. Legends Boxing offer boxing fitness classes for all age groups, as well as women-only and co-ed classes. We’ve also begun fight night. A safe, fun way to compete with only nine weeks of training before each event. Box for fitness or box for bragging rights. Even better, by contacting Legends Boxing today, you can get your first boxing fitness class completely free! Give us a call at 801-768-4000. We’re also now in Riverton – 801-254-3010.


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