How Boxing Has Evolved

Boxing has been around since as early as the ancient Greek Olympics in 688 BC. While its form and rules are much different today, it is not without this initial system that has allowed boxing to evolve.

Boxing began as a bare-fisted fight to the end. It is unclear, but there doesn’t seem to be a recognized form, beyond hands up and out. Instead, whatever worked to win was what they did. Boxing was meant as higher class entertainment, not necessarily as a career sport. However, as boxing has gained popularity more steps have been taken to ensure safety and continuation of sport.

Regarding competition, the sport has shifted away from death matches to points and weight class. Long gone are the days of arena fights. Modern day boxing has rivalries, pay-per-view, belts, combo hits, and more. Points often determine the winner though knock-outs and other sudden wins are still in play.

It’s hard to speculate on the training of distant past, but there was likely very little focused training. Instead, fights were won by brute force or cunning. Now, there are masters, schools, and other ways of learning. Training is a long, arduous process and includes many different ways. Boxing has even turned into a fitness technique, not connected to the sport in its entirety.

Today’s sport would be unrecognized in days of the past, and older boxing would look more like a modern day street fight. Whichever form you like, watching or doing, you can get your fix with Legends Boxing – Utah’s premier stop for safe, certified boxing and fitness.

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