Legend is in the Name

Legends Boxing is a state-of-the-art boxing gym and training facility in Utah County. You can get into fighting form with our high-energy training programs and boxing classes or simply join us for a fit and fab workout. All of our classes are led by USA Boxing registered coaches and trainers, meaning you’ll get the best possible workout for your time.

What Makes Us Legendary

At Legends Boxing we have a comfortable, safe, and productive place to get fit that includes our world-class, welcoming staff. Our workouts change daily, so you never have to worry about getting stagnant or bored, and with our top-of-the-line equipment, pro shop, and workout space you’ll never want for a traditional gym again.

Whether you’ve boxed competitively or are stepping into the ring for the first time, our team will be in your corner to teach technique, build strength, and improve endurance. Boxing is a full-body workout that pushes you physically and requires focus, drive, and concentration to reach your fitness goals.


In addition to offering such an amazing health benefit by boxing, we also offer the power to make a legendary change through nutrition. You can get a free consultation and sample meal on us. What that means is that we offer personal attention, weekly meetings, fresh, whole foods that don’t include shopping, meal prepping or obligation. If that doesn’t sound appealing, talk with one of our coaches to see what it’s all about and have them show you through just what we’re all about: legendary lifestyles.

Come Tour Our Facility

Did you know that along with our regular boxing fitness classes we also offer youth boxing? Just one of the many things that make us unique and legendary here in Utah County. Why diet and exercise when you can have fun and learn something amazing at the same time? Our fitness programs are step-by-step classes that take you through the boxing fundamentals. Our classes are fun, intense, and present exciting opportunities to learn new skills and get into excellent physical form. Each time you come to class, you’ll experience a new workout structured around boxing fundamentals including conditioning, speed, and strength exercises.

We are happy to give you a personal tour of our facility and walk you through the different classes, training workouts, nutritional offers, and equipment. Feel free to call us today for a free introductory fitness/boxing class and to see how legends are made!

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