Technique is essential for proper boxing skills


Boxing, whether for fitness or career, is a body intensive sport. Technique is essential for either use. And when you’re just starting out, things can be a bit confusing. There are three major types of technique, and they include punches/offense, footwork, and defense/evasive techniques.


Punching is the most obvious boxing technique, and largely what boxing is centered around. Yet, there is more than one way to throw a punch. Punches include jabs, hook, cross, and uppercuts. The effective use of any throw is the result of proper technique. Sloppy technique can lead to injury or a loss in sparring, neither of which are pleasant.


Footwork is what many boxers today are famed for. Fancy footwork has helped many a competitor during a tough match. If you’ve ever seen a Muhammad Ali fight, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Footwork involves your standing base, circling, and cross footwork.


Combining with those techniques are your evasive, blocks, and parries. The basis behind these defensive moves is, as previously said, to evade. Techniques like parries, rolls, ducking, weaving, bobbing and catching help evade or blow off a punch and the like. These techniques come in handy when you’re caught off guard during a spar or even for self-defense.

Though there are fewer techniques in boxing than in other sports, the fundamentals can be used for anything. Whatever type of training you start will have benefits that can be useful in everyday life and for the betterment of your overall fitness. And if you’ve chosen boxing, you’re well on your way to all of your fitness goals.

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