Good4Utah Spotlight On Legends Executive Fight Night

Have you watched the news lately? Today we got the honor of being guests on Good4Utah where viewers got to meet some of our executive fighters and learn a little more about what fight night [...]

3 Tips For Coming Back After An Injury

An injury can seriously interrupt your fitness and sports goals. Fortunately, not every injury has to keep you sidelined for too long. If you’re willing to take the steps to a complete and healthy recovery, [...]

Executive Fight Night – July 29th, 2017

Following the success of the first show, we plan to go above and beyond the typical boxing experience. Executive Fight Night, Boss VS Boss, is not an average fight. Each executive will have nine weeks [...]

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

Cardio. The word that makes many people cringe. Some avoid it altogether, but what exactly is cardio and how can you learn to like it long enough to get some benefits out of it? What [...]

Boxing Benefits

Boxing Fitness In Lehi, Utah  Boxing training at gyms like Lehi's own Legends Boxing provides one of the best full body workouts which your body can benefit from. Dread cardio? Boxing fitness gets your heart [...]

Legend’s Fight Night

Come see some amazing fights with real boxing action - a first for Utah! Watch as these warriors compete in exciting matches of skill and will. Who will be victorious? The Details: Legend's fight night [...]

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